May 2020

How to buy a bitcoin or any other crypto currency.

Hello, here are several ways to buy a bitcoin or any other crypto currency with the help of credit card, debit card, bank transfer ( ACH trasnfer ), cash , bank wire .

1. CoinBase https://www.coinbase.com/ is a good way to buy bitcoin or other crypto currency if you are from United States, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, and Singapore. CoinBase is located in US, ID verification needed, low fees and one of the best exchange rates, also it provides instant buy for credit & debit cards and US bank account ACH.
1. Load Coinbase website and click on buy preferred crypto curr....
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April 2020

Bitcoin as a payment processor.

To start making money online you MUST have a e-currency wallet whereto you receive profits and invest funds from.
On my own opinion crypto-currencies are the best financial instrument to use on.

Today I will explain how to open your own Bitcoin wallet.

There are so many wallets nowadays, but I personally use electrum wallet,
it is very simple and gives the private seed phrase and this is very important,
your funds are safe and you can use the seed with any other bitcoin wallet application.

The software can be downloaded here :

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January 2020

FAQ ( frequently asked questions )

How much should I invest?

Decide how much you can invest so that these investments will not affect your lifestyle. This should be free money or money that is currently lying motionless and will not be needed for at least a month. And in no case you should not invest "last" or borrowed money, especially money from the family budget. It is better to always remember the risk of losing this money if the investment is unsuccessful and not rely on "What if you're lucky and I will always only get and never will lose." At the "training" stage, you need to invest small amounts - in....
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December 2019

How not to lose your money.

Do not invest all your money in one program. Even the most solid looking program can close. But participating at the same time in 10-20 programs, this is your insurance. Even if you are 100% sure of the program and all your friends have invested in it, still divide the capital into parts and invest in different programs.

Don't be lazy. To make an investment deposit, you need to find a program, study the details, register, transfer money. I know from my own experience that at some point I get tired of laying out the total amount in different places. You look at some program and th....
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December 2019

How to get started?

Step 1. Determine the amount you are able to start with. It should not be big, the first stage of work is training, the main thing at the beginning is to gain experience. Choose at least 5 - 7 programs from the list of the programs on the main page of my web site (or find it yourself on the Internet). Register in them. Note. Do not rely on memory - save or write down all passwords in a safe place.

Step 2. Open an account in the payment system (one or more). Most of the investment programs accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money and Payeer. How to open an account in a payment s....
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