April 2020

Bitcoin as a payment processor.

To start making money online you MUST have a e-currency wallet whereto you receive profits and invest funds from.
On my own opinion crypto-currencies are the best financial instrument to use on.

Today I will explain how to open your own Bitcoin wallet.

There are so many wallets nowadays, but I personally use electrum wallet,
it is very simple and gives the private seed phrase and this is very important,
your funds are safe and you can use the seed with any other bitcoin wallet application.

The software can be downloaded here :

Electrum wallet

1. Find an operation system you use and download the installation file.

2. Run the downloaded file and install it to your system.

3. Choose an Auto connect option.

4. Type in your desired wallet name.

5. Choose a standart wallet and click next

6. Create a new seed.

7. Set a "Segwit" option to process bitcoin transfers with lower fees.

8. Write down your personal seed, I recommend to use a list of paper, and remember if you loose your seed you will not be able to restore your bitcoin wallet and all funds will be lost! This is very important!

9. Confirm the seed by typing it by yourself and click NEXT

10. Choose a password, I recomend you to use lower and upper cases and add numbers in it, so the password strength should be "Strong".

11. Your wallet is ready, from now on your are able to send and receive bitcoins!

In the next article I will explain you how to fund your bitcoin wallet,
please follow the link : How to fund your bitcoin wallet.