November 2019

How to make money on the Internet, my story. Passive Earning on the Internet.

Hello, my name is George, I’m 45 years old and I spent most of my life working for a boss, I went to my workplace and did the job from morning till night being slaved. There were no career prospects at all and I didn't want to continue such a way of living, so I began to look for an options for additional income on the Internet.

I was mostly interested in a home job, not a heavy one, which will be able to bring me a stable income for a comfort living and enjoying my life. The first option was a forex tradings, I went to some courses, graduated from them and started investing in Russian shares and currency. First month went well, but then I began to experience losses and finally lost all my deposit. I found that the main profits big banks and big players are gaining later on and this is not for me. What about HOLDING a crypto-currency, to be a HODLER and wait for the MOON, I think that the only people which can afford it are who already have some kind of passive income.

Let's go futher and I Continued the search for information about passive investments on the Internet, pure luck I came across an investment fund which promised 40% monthly and I realised that this is what I was looking for. I carefully studied the information about similar funds, and decided to try them out, got my stash and invested 3k USD in several similar investment projects, breaking them into pieces of 200-300 dollars per investment project. For example if to invest 3k to any bank in Russia, all you can get is 5% per year, but in internet investment fund HYIP you can get around 600 per month or 7200 per year.

A month later, I discovered that some of the funds were lost, some investment funds went bankrupt or stupidly escaped with the funds of depositors, but as a result I managed to earn about 9-10% of the invested funds, that is, almost $ 1,000 a month! So I began to engage in highly profitable investments, as a rule I did not withdraw all my earnings, but reinvested it and almost did not invest new money. With the experience I gained, I was able to reduce risks and raise income to 15-20% per month on average, or about 5000-7000 dollars per month. I am quite satisfied and I think that this is a normal income for a comfortable existence and the realization of my dreams.

This site is designed primarily for people who have little knowledge of making money on the Internet. I publish on the site detailed information about popular and new investment projects, many of which only in English, so I am translating the basic terms and descriptions of registrations in English and Russian. I really hope that this information will help you in a short time to study the tech part and increase capital in the same way as I did.

In fact, the most difficult thing is to take action, it will be easier on. First, a person lights up with an idea, decides to engage in highly profitable investments, but then a trickle or fear that it may not work out or somewhere it will not be able to understand payment systems or investment programs, so many give up without really starting to earn money or hoping for a miracle that someday everything will resolve itself and he will win a lucky lottery ticket. In fact, miracles happen very, very rarely, and everything in our life depends only on us and on our actions or inaction. I can’t promise you mountains of gold, but I can say for sure that the road will be overpowered and everything will work out, you need to try not to give up and then tomorrow your money will work for you and bring the profits you have been dreaming of all your life. Try to change your life now or you can continue to work for your boss, the choice is yp to you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to write an mail to me or read the article Most Asked Questions.

Success and good luck to all of us!