November 2019

How to earn in a HYIP (High Yield Invesmtment Programs).

Most of the HYIPS ( high yield investment programs ) can't pay high profits to it's investors for a long period of time. Some of the investment programs are ponzi, some become banktrups, others just run with investors funds. But there are investment programs which pay for a long period of time ( months, and even years ). That's what we are looking for, investors earn a lot, for example if you invested $200 you can get more than $2000.

Should we even get involved in such investment programs ? With one program - no case. But if you invest in at least 10 investment programs, then the profit from some programs covers possible losses and allows you to get a very significant monthly income.
Investing in hyips ( high yield investment programs ) is probably the only way to earn serious money with an initial capital starting from $10. In addition, the size of the deposit starts from $5 only, so, there is no need to risk serious amounts.
The principle of operation is very simple. You register on the investment program website, open an account in the Perfect Money electronic payment system, www.Payeer.com (this allows you to replenish your balance in cash, through a bank, card or mobile payment), and invest in the investment program with the desired amount. Starting from the second day, profits will begin to arrive on your account balance in a members area of the investment program. You are able to request a withdrawal request from your investment program's account balance to your preferred e-currency system ( Perfect Money or Payeer or crypto-currency ), some programs process instant withdrawals, some requere 24-48 hours.

The main disadvantage: such investment programs do not last fora long period of time, sometimes only a few days (sometimes less). Although there are fasts hyips which work for weeks and even months, I recommend investing here only a little money, despite the temptation to get rich by investing a couple of thousand dollars for a couple of weeks.

The main advantages:

1. If the investor is not interested in and withdraws the deposit from the investment program, without waiting for its closure, and then goes into more recent programs, you can really make good money. With constant reinvestment, $ 100 can quickly be turned into $ 400, and $ 400 into $ 800. But this is a job that requires time, patience, and a stable nervous system :).

2. Most often, the deposit and profit can be withdrawn from the hyip ( high yield investment program )the next day(week), which means that you do not have to wait months until the contribution is over and the profit goes to your payment system account.

I myself first invest money for a short period of 1-3 days. Suppose it is $200 and at a rate of 5% per day I get a net profit of $30. After that, I usually withdraw the initial deposit, and if the investment program looks stable or there is information that this admin ran past programs for a long time, I will reinvest the profit or part of my deposit for a new investment term. Thus, I risk losing the deposit or part of it only in the first days, and then the profit already works. My personal idiom: it is better to earn less than to lose more.

Medium-interest investment programs (income up to 60% per month and investment period from 30 days to 1 year)

With high profitability, the average life of such projects is much longer than that of high-interest ones(FAST investment programs). In any case, many worked for six months or more. Here it is necessary to pay attention not to the long term of placement, but to the time it takes to reach profit. For example, the program offers an income of 2% per day, and the deposit term is 70 days. This means that after 50 days the deposit will be compensated, and in the remaining 20 days 40% of net profit will be accrued.

Low interest projects (income up to 15% per month)

Since the smaller the percentage, the easier it is to pay it, there are many low-term investment programs which work for years. This is the very case when you go quieter - you will be richer.

The most reasonable is to distribute your deposits between different types of investment programs, not being carried away only by the most profitable, and therefore the most risky ones.

A few tips:

Do NOT invest money in only one investment program. Even the most solid looking investment program can close it's doors. Be safe anyway, even if you are 100% sure of the program and all your friends have invested in it. Still, divide the capital into parts and invest in different investment programs.

Don't be lazy. To make a deposit, you need to find an investment program, study the conditions, register, transfer funds. I know from my own experience that at some point I get tired of laying out the total amount in different places. You look at one program and think: “This is a good-looking program, they have been regularly paying for two months now. And I’ll put here $ 1500-2000 here right away and I’ll end there. ” In this way, I often lost money at the beginning of my investment work. Instead of putting money into 10-15 baskets and reducing risk with each new deposot, I limited myself to 5-6 projects. TIP: invest in each program no more than 15% of the total investment.

Withdraw profits regularly. At the initial stage of investing, withdraw profit as often as possible, it is better every day. The more money withdrawn from the project, the less possible losses. The withdrawn money can be invested in other projects so that they immediately begin to make new profits.

Remember safety. Keep password information private. Do not use the same password for different HYIP, so you give scammers the opportunity to access your accounts. An even more serious mistake is the same password in investment projects and payment systems.

That's all, have a good day!