December 2019

How to rate and choose an investment program HYIP ( high yield investment program )

How to choose a highly profitable investment program HYIP?

Investing requires experience and intuition. Before investing in an investment program which interests you, you need to analyze it. I will not go deep into detailed technical details, I will list only the main points.

1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the design of the investment program! Register in the project you like, and study all the links outside and inside the system, click on literally everything and see how everything works, it shouldnot be any errors. I also recommend trying to open the site on your smartphone! Everything should be perfect, well, or close to perfect. The point is if the investment program HYIP was being prepared seriously and for a long period of work time, then it was tested, adjusted, and so on, so admins sent a lot of time and effort, accordingly, scamming it would most likely be economically unprofitable!

2. The script of the investment program. Most of all I like investment programs HYIPS programmed on a custom script, the same ideology is here, admins spent a lot of time, money and efforts, so , there is no sense in scamming until it works, and the functionality of such a site is much more than that of a commersion productions, and another important point is that no one is safe from hacking, the creators of a commercial script could add vulnerability to it and suddenly when the time comes steal all funds from the hyip by himself! Of course nobody is safe from it, but on custom one it works much safe, but never forget that this is a highly profitable investment!

3. Hosting should be on a dedicated server and it should have DDOS attack protection for sure.

4. An SSL certificate is required, the Green Bar simply raises the STATUS of a investment program HYIP, but this is not a panacea at all!

5. Program's advertising should go smoothly, if you see that at the initial stage the administrator buys ads for the whole cutlet, then most likely it will not end with anything good (here purely from experience)

6. The uniqueness of the texts on the site, of course, they must be unique, and it would be even better if you personally liked program's main idea, just ask yourself one question : would you trust your money to a program which copied the contect from a neighboring web site.

7. The number of the payment systems on the program should be maximally large, the more the better!

8. Program's customer support, it’s worth trying to write any support email or an ticket question and make sure that the support answers rapidly enough (within 24 hours, or even faster) and the answer on your appeal is considered as attentive as possible.

9. Affiliates partners payments should be up to 10%, if it’s higher then the program may not last long, but there were programs that successfully worked on for a long time and with big affiliates bonuses. The main idea is that it should not exceed 15%.

10. Watch forums and monitors, but we do not believe this information for 100%, it happens too ofter when people write shit nonsense on forums giving it off as truth! also with monitors, often program's administrators specifically pay for monitors only just to scam a little bit longer. I advise you to look at the status of my website, I assess the solvency of programs on several factors, I am not in collusion with the administrators of investment programs HYIPS and as soon as there is a hint that the program is starting to either delay the payment or make selective payments, I inform my readers on the site instantly!

For now, don’t be afraid of something new, try and try and everything will work out! The main thing is to move forward!