December 2019

How to get started?

Step 1. Determine the amount you are able to start with. It should not be big, the first stage of work is training, the main thing at the beginning is to gain experience. Choose at least 5 - 7 programs from the list of the programs on the main page of my web site (or find it yourself on the Internet). Register in them. Note. Do not rely on memory - save or write down all passwords in a safe place.

Step 2. Open an account in the payment system (one or more). Most of the investment programs accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money and Payeer. How to open an account in a payment system ?

Step 3. Buy a crypto-currency or e-currency. Now you need to fillfull your account in the payment system. For example you are able to buy bitcoins with a credit card or bank wire. How to buy bitcoins with a credit card? How to buy bitcoins with a bank wire?

Step 4. Break the total investment amount into 7-15 parts and place in the selected programs. Usually, the first profit is paid within 24 hours after the deposit, after which it can already be withdrawn.

Step 5. Withdraw daily profits regularly. Do not forget to post and vote for the selected paying programs on blogs and forums. Enjoy high profits.