December 2019

How not to lose your money.

Do not invest all your money in one program. Even the most solid looking program can close. But participating at the same time in 10-20 programs, this is your insurance. Even if you are 100% sure of the program and all your friends have invested in it, still divide the capital into parts and invest in different programs.

Don't be lazy. To make an investment deposit, you need to find a program, study the details, register, transfer money. I know from my own experience that at some point I get tired of laying out the total amount in different places. You look at some program and think: “This is a good-looking program, they have been regularly paying for two months. And I’ll put here $ 1500-2000 here right away and I’ll end there. ” In this way, I often lost money. Instead of putting money into 10-15 investment programs and reducing risk with each new deposit, I limited myself to 5-6 programs. It is clear that in case of problems, I was no longer losing 5-10% of the total, but immediately 20%. Therefore, advice: invest in each program no more than 15% of the total investment amount.

Withdraw profits regularly At the initial stage of investing, withdraw profit as often as possible, it is better every day. The more money withdrawn from the program, the less possible losses. The withdrawn money can be invested in other programs so that they immediately begin to make a new profits.

Remember about the safety. Keep password information in a private. Do not use the same passwords for different HYIPs. So you give scammers the opportunity to access your accounts. An even more serious mistake is the same password in investment projects and payment systems.

When thinking up a password, make sure that it is extremely difficult to pick up. Write down all the passwords in one file (also locked with a password) or write down in a paper form. All special files that are needed to work with a electronic payment systems must be stored on removable media such as flash drives.

Never open emails sent from unfamiliar addresses. Such letters may contain viruses and trojans, with the help of which attackers are able to steal the username and password from your account. Do not pay attention to the letters signed by the technical support service of your Perfect Money or Payeer electronic payment system. As a rule, attackers send them out, hoping that investors, having believed in the truth of the information sent about alleged problems with the functioning of the system, will send their registration data, login and password to a fictitious address. Change all your passwords at least every 2-3 weeks. When you make an order to withdraw money in your account in the program, always check the Payeer or Perfect account number - sometimes scammers substitute investor accounts with their numbers and the money ordered goes to the scammers accounts.

Required: 1. Clean your computer from viruses and spyware that steal passwords and codes, after which scammers enter your accounts in programs and payment systems. 2. Type your passwords and logins in any file, and then try not to use the keyboard when entering the account or program. Just copy the passwords and paste them into the windows (you can enter numbers from the pictures, they change every time). Or use the "virtual keyboard", which is on many programs, that is, use only the mouse. Why is it important? Because many spyware programs read passwords just when you press a key.

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