January 2020

FAQ ( frequently asked questions )

How much should I invest?

Decide how much you can invest so that these investments will not affect your lifestyle. This should be free money or money that is currently lying motionless and will not be needed for at least a month. And in no case you should not invest "last" or borrowed money, especially money from the family budget. It is better to always remember the risk of losing this money if the investment is unsuccessful and not rely on "What if you're lucky and I will always only get and never will lose." At the "training" stage, you need to invest small amounts - in order to gain experience and understand whether it is worth doing this business. The main word for a beginner is CAUTION. Do not try get Scary rich in 2 months. It’s better to spend these months studying investment business.

Can any of the listed programs stop paying?

Yes, they can. Therefore, for insurance, you need to divide your money between several programs. I myself invest in at least 20 programs at the same time. If a program becomes a scam, I set NOT PAYING status immediately. You should keep in mind that it is impossible to return money from a program that has stopped paying.

What programs from the list on the site are the most reliable? Which ones do you recommend investing in? How long will this or that program pay?

There are no and cannot be forecasts in this business. Attached to the high-profit margins, one cannot talk about "reliability." Any program can be closed any day. And it is clear that the higher the percentage, the higher the risks. Therefore, I myself have to scatter money on many programs, and the main income I get from programs where the interest is not higher than 2.5% per day.

How to avoid losses?

The method was invented a long time ago. It is called diversification. You can’t invest all the money even in a popular and solid program. Be sure to break the total amount into at least 7 - 14 projects and do not invest big money until you gain initial experience.

In the descriptions of some programs is the word "Premium". What does it mean?

I put this status for various reasons. If the program has worked for more than 1-2 terms and has demonstrated stability. Or if I already went into profit and left the principal to work for the next term. Or if the program placed a long-term advertisement (i.e. for several months) on my site. The fact is that if the program paid money for advertising (it doesn’t matter on my site or on another) it means that it plans to work long enough to at least return the money spent. It is clear that there are no guarantees, not everything depends on the plans of the administrators, but for me this is a sign that the admin is currently confident in the viability of his program, and therefore, investing in such a program can be done with less risk. Or there is information that the past programs of this admin have worked for a long time and therefore there is a high probability that this program can also make serious money.

Which payment systems are the easiest to use through?

I recommend to use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, or other popular crypto-currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

My investment term has expired, I received the promised profit. Should I leave a deposit for the next term?

It depends on the program, if the program is reliable and looks trusty, why not ?

About "superprofitable" hyips.

All HYIPs offer high profits, especially in comparison with bank interest. But there is a category of programs which offer 5-12% daily, the so-called fasts. On the sites of these programs, you can see rates of 40% and 60% daily. Most often this is an advertising move. For example, when a hyip promises to pay 110% in 2 days, then this payment includes the main principal. And the real profit is 5% per day, which is also VERY much. And if such a program works for at least 14 days, then those who invested in it at the very beginning will receive 70% of the principal. The investor's task is to find a hyip that will survive at least the period necessary to compensate the principal, make a deposit at the initial stage and keep the main deposit for no more than 3 days, then withdraw it or leave only the profit received in the program.

I personally DO NOT recommend to invest in FAST HYIPS, on my website you will not find any FAST HYIP programs.

I received from a program in which I have a deposit, an offer to invest in a new super-profitable plan.

Such proposals send out programs that are going to scam or have already stopped paying. If I receive such a message, then this is the most accurate information for me: the program is no longer there, you can not even check it.

Why do I run this website?

Time, support costs and constant updating of the website are paid by referral commissions and advertising payments - the extra income is not bad at all. Advertising on my site is at the same time a certain insurance against one-day programs. If a program is able to pay money for its promotion, it means that it has financial reserves and (or) it expects long-term work.